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How to Replace the Mirror on a Toyota Matrix

How to Replace the Mirror on a Toyota Matrix

The rear view mirror in a Toyota Matrix fastens to the windshield. This is the way most late model import vehicles have the mirror attached. The base of the mirror is bolted to a metal plate called a "button" that is glued to the windshield. Replacing a broken mirror is not difficult because it only requires the removal of one small set screw. This is a perfect beginner project for the do-it-yourself home mechanic.



things you'll need:

  • Allen wrench
    • 1

      Push the mirror glass upward so it faces the roof of the Toyota Matrix. This gives you more room to remove the set screw located at the base of the mirror.

    • 2

      Remove the set screw from the base of the mirror with an Allen wrench, turning it counterclockwise.

    • 3

      Slide the base of the mirror up and off the metal button.

    • 4

      Place the rear view mirror on the Matrix's windshield, directly above the metal button.

    • 5

      Slide the base of the mirror down onto the button until the mirror seats into place.

    • 6

      Screw the setscrew into place with the Allen wrench turned clockwise.

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