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How to Remove the Timing Belt on a 92 Toyota Camry

How to Remove the Timing Belt on a 92 Toyota Camry

How to Remove the Timing Belt on a 92 Toyota Camrythumbnail
Remove the Timing Belt on a 92 Toyota Camry

How to remove the timing belt on a 1992 Toyota Camry!



things you'll need:

  • Jack
  • wrenches
  • sockets and ratchet
    • 1

      Disconnect the negative battery cable from the terminal.

    • 2

      Remove the engine coolant resevoir.
      Also remove the front passenger side tire and splash shield.
      And the alternator which is below the coolant tank. It should be a few bolts.

    • 3

      Remove the power steering belt.

    • 4

      Slightly raise the engine just enough to take pressure off the passenger side engine mount. The car shouldn't lift off the ground, the engine should just move up a little bit.

    • 5

      Remove engine stabilizer bar.

    • 6

      Remove engine mount bracket.

    • 7

      Remove spark plug wires.

    • 8

      remove spark plugs.

    • 9

      Remove lower timing belt cover.

    • 10

      Set the number 1 piston to TDC (Top Dead Center).
      Line the crankshaft pulley groove with the "0" mark on the timing belt cover.

    • 11

      Check the camshaft pulley to make sure it is aligned. The hole in the pulley and the mark on the head should line up. If not, rotate the crankshaft 180 degrees.

    • 12

      Remove the timing belt from the camshaft pulley. If you are going to reuse the belt, makr the belt and the pulley so you know where to put it back on.

    • 13

      Loosen the idler pulley bolt, then once tension is off the belt, tighten the bolt a little.

    • 14

      If it is loose enough, the belt will slide off the pulley. If not, repeat the last step and move the idler farther so there is less tension on the belt.

    • 15

      Remove the camshaft pulley.

    • 16

      Remove the crankshaft pulley bolt.

    • 17

      Then the pulley itself.

    • 18

      Remove the inner timing belt cover.

    • 19

      Remove timing belt guide.

    • 20

      Draw a direction arrow on the belt, and make a mark to remember where it lined up.

    • 21

      Remove idler pulley, bolt, and spring.

    • 22

      Remove other idler pulley and bolt.

    • 23

      Remove timing belt!
      This is a lot of work and a lot of steps! Have fun! Installation is the reverse of removal :)

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