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How to Remove the Stereo From a Toyota 4-Runner

How to Remove the Stereo From a Toyota 4-Runner

The stock stereo found in a Toyota 4-Runner is designed to play music through the radio or the CD player. Aftermarket stereos have many more options, and you can have those options in your SUV as well by installing one of those aftermarket stereos. To do that, you have to remove the factory stereo, which should take about 15 minutes. The process here relates to the 2002 Toyota 4-Runner, but removing the stereo from other 4-Runners is very similar.

Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • Nylon pry bar
  • Phillips screwdriver
    • 1

      Place the head of the nylon pry bar in the seam around the parking brake trim panel. Pull the pry bar back to pop the parking brake trim panel off the console.

    • 2

      Pull the knobs on the climate control panel straight off using your hands. Pull off the trim panel around the climate control panel using your hands. Detach the two screws under that panel using the Phillips screwdriver.

    • 3

      Detach the 4-Runner stereo from the dashboard using the Phillips screwdriver. Pull the stereo out using both hands. Unplug the wiring on the backside with your hands. Take the stereo out of the car.

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